Hot Songs from the Cold War

New York - Moscow 1960

How was life in New York and in Moscow 1960? On one hand all little James Bonds, on the other hand all clever KGB-Agents, who (as well equipped by the Russian film-studios as James Bond) were eliminating terrible CIA-Agents? Reading the Newspapers in New York and Moscow, you could almost believe it. Maria Thorgevsky & Dan Wiener, show us a view less frustrating, much more delighful, human, funny and probably nearer to the truth...

American Rock n’Roll, Russian Twist, Gilbert Bécaud and his dream of “Nathalie” the Russian Bard Bulat Okudjawa, Back in the USSR and and and...
Maria Thorgevsky & Dan Wiener are creating the impossible and bringing together the stars of the Sixties from both sides in a gala on one stage!!!
Everyday life in the Sixties was also filled with moon rockets, fashion made of Rayon, Nylon and Perlon, sweet love and poisonous propaganda in the press.

Stuttgarter Zeitung :
...wonderfully fluent, humorous Russian - Swiss duet

Stuttgarter Nachrichten :
...Favorites of the audience, especially attractive...

Esslinger Zeitung :
...the most impressive is the musical arrangement of Maria Thorgevsky and Dan Wiener. With the aid of Russian songs and folk art they brought to life, with fastidious clarity, animation, temperament and effect, the story on the stage.

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